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area with 30 other cities across the u.s. on this one year anniversary of the occupy movement. in new york city where it started on september 17th, 2011. protesters are gathering in zuccotti park with plans to march near the new york stock exchange. saturday 300 marched, at least a dozen arrests, but no major problems. last year the mayor ordered police to evict protesters from the plaza. >> occupy protesters have several demonstrations planned today to mark the anniversary of the start of the movement. amy hollyfield is in the financial district with what we can expect there. >> reporter: we've got a group already occupying now. it is a small group, they've camped out overnight to start making their statement. they say don't let their size fool you. they believe the movement is still going strong. it is a far cry interest the crowds we saw at the beginning of the occupy movement. we have video to show you. especially, in oakland and san francisco the protesters were very enthusiastic then in their crusade. there were some clashes with police. there was disagreement over whether it is
:00, low to mid 50s breezy by noonú0cr into 4:00, a few slivers of sun mid to upper 50s by 7:00. around the bay cloudy, low clouds especially from 48 to 54 at 7:00, sunny by 4:00, low 60s to low 70s, inland starts 40s and 50s this morning noon sunny by 4:00 in the low to upper 70s. cooler than yesterday. here's sue. >>> good morning. update earlier accident el cerrito five-car crash at cutting on to the right, live look this is past university headed westbound. traffic is getting heavier into the macarthur maze. not too bad past the scene still a little slowing, little under the limit 80 west near cutting that accident cleared to the right. coming downtown howard remains closed all week for the dream force convention, heavy off of 101 at third street and anywhere south of market. >>>:02. the peninsula school damaged by a large fire is set to reopen to students and staff morning. kira klapper joins us live in beechwood school in menlo park. >> reporter: good morning. students and staff will be back this morning in just a few hours from now, days after a huge fire tore through a portion o
inland temperatures, big difference but inland will start to get cooler. 70s peninsular some to the north and a few mid-80s well inland, here is sal. >>> here is a look at interstate 880 and 880 northbound traffic is moving along nicely. also the morning come mood looks -- commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza, let's go back to the desk. >>> they are marking the first anniversary of occupied wall street. tara moriarty joins us with more of what is planned. >> reporter: some folks have camped out overnight and there is a dozen of them in front of the old bank of america building, some say this is a symbol of corporate greed. if you remember last year around this time, they sprung up nationwide and in the end of october, police dismantled the occupied encampment sparking protest. now they have a bunch of different groups, woulding on universal healthcare and other things but the message is still the same. >> anybody can come occupy. right now the system has become so corrupted by the concentration of wealth and power and the top 1% controls the environmental system. >> now, right
council spoke out against measure s, a city ordinance that prohibits the and on sidewalks in commercial districts. >> we have progressive values. this seems to be some of the monthly. >> the head of hair and a buffet with equifax after he in across the country were troops are better >> and this is fury if he also felt of the city of refuge for congregations >> mitt romney has the support of 54 percent of married voters over the president's 39%. both candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard. the president traveled to ohio, new york and florida, virginia and wisconsin. from there will be an offense was, texas and then for a period off >> the man behind the innocence of muslims video was willing to be interviewed by federal agents. >> the spotlight on the film maker's growing stronger. >> he is a very smart man. what do anything for money or fame. >> there's man was a victim of his from. >> how free is the coptic community right now. >> there are >> he made his film with well-known anti islam and bejeweled. he also have ties to steve klein. the speeds at events that are an
. >> es hora del noticiero en español más premiado en el área de la bahía . >> continuamos con la cobertura especial de la independencia de méxico . >> el primer aniversario se cumple este lunes por el movimiento ocupai de wall street . >> acción diferida advierten que no hay que mentir, noticias univisión 14 comienza ya . >> ¿qué tal? muy buenas noches que bueno que nos acompaña en noticias univisión 14 . >> les saluda ramón adame cientos djovenes cumplieron hoy con el programa acción diferida gracias a los abogados que les ayudaron a completar las aspiraciones . >> los abogados creen que estos jóvenes no tendrán problemas para su aprobación pero advierten a nuevos aplicantes. >> juntar años, records y id fue lo más dificil difícil:los más de 160 jóvenes ya habían intentado pero les faltaron datos. >> Ésta joven completó hoy su solicitud, los abogados nos ayudaron a llenar las aplciaciones y se nos hizo más facil fácil:el departamento de inmigrante revisa que todo solicitante documente bien su caso . >> demora bastante revivar las aplicaciones por eso no me
elementary. this is an menlo park. >> u.s. protests this is in pakistan after the ambassador was killed last week. >> of first, let us get a check with the weather & traffic. >> good morning. we do of high clouds to contend with but it is not that low fog that will impact visibility areas. those 50s could eventually get to 60s and we even have 80s. here is a quick snapshot. and downtown san francisco at 54 degrees. 84 degrees expected in concord with the extended forecast, coming up. >> thank you, erica. there was a potential hot spot on 880 westbound that accident has been cleared. the quid commute quick commute check, with-still-heavy on the 580 westbound. out of tracey into livermore continuing towards dublin. highway no. 4 is also difficult to antioch. and also the east bay is light on the peninsula, and at the freeways. >> 6: 01 beach would elementary--- >> jacqueline: this fire has been so big, so stubborn >>reporter:. will tran? this is video of the fire. this started at third tonight. according to the fire investigators because of a pinched wire its started thursday night. this admin
tica. >>> esto y más ahora mismo en primer impacto. >>> hola, ¿qué tal?, bienvenidos a primer impacto, les saluda pamela silva conde. >>> también les saluda bárbara bermudo. >>> hoy lunes tenemos decenas de arrestados por el movimiento ocupemos wall street, tenemos la información >>> por momentos se llegó a temer que los enfrentamientos entre4 la policía y los manifestantes podrían llegar a lo peor, más de 100 personas resultaron arrestadas en las protestas, por este movimiento que ha generado más protestas que los originales, incluso un obispo fue objeto de arresto, pero un año después el movimiento no cuenta con la misma fuerza. >>> pierden la fe, cuando ven que a los amigos de nosotros les pegan en la cabeza, que no hacen nada. >>> las protestas para conmemorar el aniversario se iniciaron el fin de semana, con un gran resguardo policial en wall street, para evitar que los manifestantes ocuparan el parque del año pasado. >>> siento que tenemos las dudas, porque las autoridades intimidan y al gente tiene miedo de salir. >>> sus críticos dicen que el movimiento ha perdido fuerza ,porq
fog banks, inland temperatures, 70s for many, very low 80s but it looks like a cooler week and we will have more coming up, here is sal. >>> traffic looks good on interstate 880, no major problems as you drive to downtown. it looks good if you are driving at the bay bridge and we'll see a backup a. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> happening right now, occupied protesters are camped out to mark the first anniversary of the occupied wall street movement. tara moriarty is out there this morning talking to protesters about how long they will continue these efforts and what will happen. >>> life long commitment and they will stay to the very end until they see some change as far as economic and social injustice. they are camped out here to get a jump start on their message. we spoke to one of the protesters who says she understands it seems the occupied movement has been quiet lately and protesting does not mean they have not been working on their goals. they say they have various communities with sustainable farming and improving the environment. >>> occupy is and always has been a
believe the man was armed and there was a child in the room. the newark police s.w.a.t. team called in extra help. >> looking at the totality of the circumstances and previous contacts, we were heightened to the point where we activated our special weapons and tactics unit. >> the suspect and his girl friend walked out of the room with hands in the air. there was not a child in the room, but the suspect's girlfriend is pregnant. >>> gunman on the loose in san francisco this morning after he shot and killed a man in blood daylight at 26th and treat streets in the mission district. police were called 4:00 yesterday afternoon, a crowd gathered when officers arrived. the gunman ran off after he opened fire. >> hayward police does ing mysterious death as possible homicide. a man died after suffering some type of head trauma, found on whitman near sycamore avenue around 5:00 sunday morning. police will only say the victim was a man in his 50s and possibly a transient from the area. >>> 5:06. tonight san jose leaders are holding two different meetings dealing with the city's crime problem.
s. >>> el martes vamos a reunirnors de nuevo para saber si quieren continuar la huelga, el acuerdo preliminar para alcanzar un nuevo contrato con la junta de educación, lewis dijo que algo que también preocupa es el posible cierre de los planteles, por su parte, vitale dijo lo siguiente. >>>ttengo que hablar con el alcalde, porque testamos desilusionados, después de alcanzar un compromiso justo, se decida mantener a los niños fuera de clases, el alcalde de chicago, rahm emanuel solicitó entablar acción legal para deponer la huelga. >>> son alrededor de 30 mil maestros los que participan en el paro laboral, por lo pronto cps, el grupo de parques, darán alternativas para los estudiantes, desde chicago paula gómez, univisión. >>> cientos de personas se reunieron en un parque de nueva york para celebrar el primer aniversario del movimiento ocupemos wall street, además mañana hay una marcha con el fin de bloquear la bolsa de valores. >>> las bandas criminales en méxico no dcieron tregua ni el día del grito de independencia, en jalisco cientos de personas fueron asesinadas,
. you are getting upper 40s. san rafael, fairfield, napa 51. there is a lot of mid-50s and you combine a west-southwest wind or a much stronger delta breeze, and it all equals cooler even the forecast temperature map showing a lot of the 90s disappearing. in fact, they may even disappear in san francisco tomorrow. hard to see the low. but it's out here and it will play into our weather for almost the entire week and maybe the weekend. if that's the case, it could be interesting. fog, gun sun, cooler. more of a west wind. 60s for many. 70s, still holding onto a few 80s. those temperatures are on their way down. walnut creek now, concord, alamo. upper 70s, very low 80s. 67 os in berkeley. 66, 75 santa clara. morgan hill and gilroy, a lot of low 70s at best. 50s, 60s, the coast. if you have been bowing to a west wind, somebody finally heard you. it looks like it's in place. i'm going with a little cooler as we head to the upcoming weekend. tori an -- tori and dave? >> yes. >>> muslim outrage multiplies. >>> also from prisoner to international state leader. that's right. in what world do p
load capacities are preparing formal protest to the a good >>> and that intel u.s. protest rocking in afghanistan's capital this morning. >>> monday morning fog low clouds all back. >>> expects and traffic tieups little on this morning. >>> good morning this month of september 17th. >>> the time is never caught. city occupied movement is marking one year since protest began against greed in come and a quality pitch of listening to them that right now the date of americas center in san francisco. >>> you can see the crowd gathering lots of emergency personnel and of course police officers on hand. the entire international been started at a part in the york. to mark the anniversary organizers say they will gather again at the park and three other spots than lower manhattan. about 40 protesters were arrested on saturday conditions were quiet yesterday. the clouds are gathering in the streets of new york city. a heavy police presence as you can see. they don't want to seat last year what happened this year so far it id has been somewhat, but the police are there just to make sure it in
to be armed and was shot by police. he is described only as a nan in his 40s who has been transported to a local hospital. concord police received a call from a resident yesterday morning. this man was at this home claiming to be armed and suicidal. this morning 8:15 police received another call the man was back again and threatening suicide. the s.w.a.t. team was brought in. at some point the man was out aside -- was outside of the house on the land asking police to shoot him. >> there were less lethal attempts to physically control him. those failed. and one of the officers had to tire. >> reporter: shot at least twice? >> more than once is what i'm saying. >> reporter: police will not say whether the man actually showed a weapon or just claim to have up with. they are not telling us what -- to have one. they are not telling us what prompted an officer to shoot the man. we do not know his identity or condition. police are still here investigating, as we speak. the shelter-in-place in this neighborhood lifted. police are expected to be here for a couple of hours investigating. laura
to be armed and was shot by police. is described only as a nan in his 40s who has been transported to a local hospital. concord police received a call from a resident yesterday morning. this man was at this home claiming to be armed and suicidal. this morning 8:15 police received another call the man was back again and threatening suicide. the s.w.a.t. team was brought in. at some point the man was out aside -- was outside of the house on the land asking police to shoot him. >> there were less lethal attempts to physically control him. those failed. and one of the officers had to tire. >> reporter: shot at least twice? >> more than once is what i'm saying. >> reporter: police will not say whether the man actually showed a weapon or just claim to have up with. they are not telling us what -- to have one. they are not telling us what prompted an officer to shoot the man. we do not know his identity or condition. police are still here investigating, as we speak. the shelter-in-place in this neighborhood lifted. police are expected to be here for a couple of hours investigating. laura anthony, ab
more protesters against the united states. >> u.s. and libyan officials give an account of last week that left four americans dead. >> it began spontaneously. >> this left us with no doubt that this was pre-planned, pre-determined. >> still on strike, chicago teachers will walk the picket line again today after the city extends a tentative contract offer. >> pair of nfl coaches exchange some unpleasantries after sunday's game. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, september 17, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. anothemorning of anti-american protests in the middle east. hundreds of demonstrators turned tires and shouted death to america on a road near u.s. air base in kabul, afghanistan. hezbollah is calling for anti-protests. and roughly 50 are arrested in the benghazi attack. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. the u.s. is sending more military force certain hot spots after this new violence in kabul and hezbollah calling for more protests, indicating the the evenings could escalate across the arab world. hundreds of protesters are clas
comfortable today. and is sitting in the '50s for most of the bay area. fog tracker 4 says the we do have some cloud cover to contend with. these are high clouds for the most part. as we headed to 12:00 noon. reseed i lot of the cloud cover will be pulling back and we will see blue skies. here are your afternoon highs. it will be a pretty nice day today in the north bay. it is 64 and downtown san francisco. here is the weather story for today. we will have cooler temperatures for the rest of the work week. >> as a 7 day around the bay. in looks like saturday which is the first day of fall we're looking for a little bit warmer conditions. >> here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza pin things are moving smoothly. the san mateo bridge ride is building ever so slightly. here is the live look at the golden gate bridge south bound. cover on a traffic maps, there is a lot of green on our roadways senses. there are no incidents to report pin >>james: president obama is launching a new trade enforcement case over china. it targets chinese subsidies for exports for automobiles and automobile part
the death of the u.s. ambassador >> delays sfo, how long, we will talk about it >> the commute is off to a pretty good start so far. we do have a street closure in san francisco >> good morning everyone. >> the time now is 601. right now, protesters are converging towards the new york stock exchange. they're marking the one-year anniversary of the occupied movement >> and are lining up across the park from where they had camped out until last year where city officials said they had to get out. 40 protesters were arrested over the weekend in saturday. occupy protesters in the bay area are also marking the anniversary. there is an encampment right now at the bank of america center. lisa washington is that the center where more put protesters are expected to gather a little bit later. >> if i had to describe this occupation i would say low key and peaceful. as we mentioned, there are more signs than protesters and even fewer tense. only two tenths and several dozen signs. it could be different later this afternoon. at 5:00 there is expected to be a large turnout when a demonstration begi
expliqué antes de mi mamá, fue el primero que se contactó. >>a> angélica le pidieron más. >>> sentí que baile súper, sentí que lo di todo. >>> maxy iglesias explotó su imagen, y terminó con el pantalón roto y molesto porque lo comparan con william levy. >>> te molesta. >>> no molesto, porque las comparaciones son odiosas. >>> lo conoces. >>> no, yo soy y algunos compañeros se quejaron porque sus coreografías son más elaboradas. >>> con su baile maripily se ganó a horacio villalobos. >>> más concentrada, porque pensaba en lo que el público pedia. >>> si aún no ha votado, aún está a tiempo, desde su teléfono móvil de verizon, envíe un mensaje de texto al 8801 si apoya a valentina o al 8802 si su favorita es maría antonieta de las nieves. >>> en miami, tony de andrades, continuamos con primer impacto, qué bien. >>> si ayer se perdió la edición de mira quién baila, puede revivir los mejores momentos en uvideos y lo que pasó tras bastidores, y también me encantaría saber cuál es la opinión del público y qué dice la gente a través de twitter, porque maripily ha
a para que vuelvan los maestros a las zalaquetts >necesitan revisar la propuesta del contrato de más de 180 páginas, no habra una respuesta hasta el miércoles >>un nuevo método de evaluacion a los profesores, incluye este acuerdo >>no estamos de acuerdo, los profesores insisten en que el contrato podría ser mejor para ellos, el martes se reunirán para ver si ponen fin a la huelga >>los padres de los más de 350 mil estudiantes se rompen la cabeza por segunda semana consecutiva para ver quien les cuide a sus hijos >>el alcalde de chicago pidió orden judicial que pudiera poner fin a esto dice que los maestros protestan por algo que no corresponde, pues no tienen derecho a huelga >>seguimos el detalle de esta noticia >>la furia que desató una película que denigra al profeta mahoma no tiene fin, ahora daños en karashi, se ha redoblado la seguridad en las sedes diplomaticas en medio oriente >>comparece a corte adel daur de 18 años que pretendia detonar un coche bomba frente a un bar le habrian suministrado el aparato ,que era falso >>barak obama y su rival republicano mitt romney c
more protests against the united states. >> u.s. and libyan officials offer conflicting accounts of last week's deadly attack in benghazi that left four americans dead. >> it began spontaneously. >> this left us with no doubt that this was pre-planned, pre-determined. >> still on strike, chicago teachers will walk the picket line again today after the city extends a tentative contract offer. >> pair of nfl coaches exchange some unpleasantries after sunday's game. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, september 17, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. another morning of anti-american protests in the middle east. this time violence triggered by that anti-islam video erupted in kabul, afghanistan. the leader of hezbollah is calling for protests at u.s. embassies and libya, 50 people have been arrested in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate, some foreigners. there are questions on how the deadly assault was carried out. susan mcginnis has more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. the u.s. is sending
que ellos también tienen riesgo de presión alta, sobre todo en obesos la recomendación no es más de una cucharadita diaria >>el consumo entre niños en 1300 mg al dia hay que controlar esto >>y sabores mexicanos se pueden saborear en alto manhattan y nueva york gracias a una iniciativa de una familia mexicana >>de que le gustan, rajas verde, rojos, con aguacate. >>aquí se complacen los paladares más exigentes. >>el vender tamales en la calle fue la única manera de sobrevivir desde que esta familia llego >>madrugan para hacer 400 tamales diarios >>el trabajo es pesado y muchas veces la ganancia pobre >>una vez listos los tamales, toman las calles para venderlos, muchas veces han sido multados y arrestados hoy en dia llegan los policías a comprarlos no a multarlos >>la venta les ha dado que comer por once años >>para hacer esto ademas nadie le pide papeles >>muchas gracias, y que delicia, no me digan que si no es rico comentar lo que ocurre e nlas novelas de univisión con un rico tamalito >>llego la hora de lagrimas, y cachetadas >>estas aprovechando. >>a mi me pagaron >>mire es
following outrage over an anti-islam film produced in the u.s. it's the same film, u.n. officials say, sparked the deadly attack in libya that killed four americans, including a u.s. ambassador. right now outside kabul, police are firing shots in the air, trying to protect buildings downtown. pushing back an angry mob of about 800. reporting live in the news room, angie goff, news 4. >> right now it's 6:01. here's a look at storm team 4 radar, and something we have not seen in quite a while, rain. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with weather and traffic on the ones. >> we had to blow the dust off the radar, give it a good whack, see if it still works, and it does. >>> there is the view showing that we do have some moderate to heavy rain falling along the gulf coast. it stretches up into louisiana, arkansas, into tennessee, western kentucky. and that, yes, is advancing toward us. but ahead of that, we've got a clear sky. temperatures are chilly again this morning. only the upper 40s to near 50. most of the northern virginia, the shenandoah valley, most of maryland, only nea
demonstrators targeting u.s. con con salutes and embassies and now the leader of the hezbollah terror group getting in on the action. this teacher strike has left hundreds of children with no place to go. >> the mayor went to court. >> tonight, the labor showdown in chicago. the do not call registry was supposed to limit annoying telephone calls. >> press 89 now. >> shepard: now complaints are on the rise. tonight, is it a case of the do not call list that does not work? and the 87-year-old man who took a leap of faith with three our generations of his family first from fox this monday night, death threat for makers of islamic video. triggered backlash in 20 countries since it went viral last week. now the associated press is reporting a religious cleric in egypt has issued a fatwa, in essence a religious license to kill. in a statement posted on that militant web site, clerics said it is the duty of each muslim to kill anybody associated with the video. meantime, the protests continue. [shouting] today in beirut, lebanon knob the leader of the hezbollah terror group called people to keep d
to be on the street in the middle of the marchers. >> and there is abc 7's nick smith is live for us. nick? >> good afternoon, demonstrators just started to gather, looking over my shoulder you can see they're marking the anniversary of the occupy wall street movement by taking to the streets. and there is a first launched protest a year ago. and this is in to recognize demonstrators and their movement against big banks. the group at the berkeley bart station used social media to rally supporters and has been organized by a group calling themselves occupy bay area jewish contingent, starting their day with prayer and are using the jewish new year holiday as a back drop to demonstrate against the large banks. and there is code pink moving their support for the ak as well. and you can see there is young and old gathering there. now, they've displayed signs and they're wanting to make the presence known, together they'll challenge lebding practices of the major banks in the area. and in the mixing of the holiday, it seems odd to some and there are organizers saying no, the torah is a story of the libe
violent overnight. thousands of demonstrators throwing rocks at a u.s. military base and shouting death to america. the spike in violence coming as hezbollah calls for more protests in the mid eels. gregg palkot joins us more with more on the situation there. good morning, greg. >> ainsley, heather, we had a transmission difficulty the last couple of minutes. they continue to spread out in tunisia as well because of the muslim film. the latest reports we are seeing is that they are beginning to die down. they happened near one of the main u.s. bases near that city. a lot of rock flowing a lot of cars being burned. this comes after violent froess in pakistan in the business capital of karachi. protestors breached a security barrier went right up to the main walls. the word we are getting from the consulate there is all u.s. people were safe there was casualties among protestors. new call from protests coming from hezbollah leader ordering his folks out on the streets today in beirut. he said he waited for the pope to leave. the pope was in over the weekend. the u.s. is working only on em
-american demonstrations. in afghanistan hunters the protestors are clashing with police and marching toward the u.s. military base near kabul. incumbent will it's a dead air was thick with smoke and protesters burned one police car and then drew walks toward the u.s. military base. the clubs there are chanting death to america and afghan police are single shot in the air to hold back the crowds. protest and pakistan turned deadly yesterday. hundreds of people in the northwest region set fire to the press club and a government office police officials say they charged the crowd and beat them with batons. at least one protester was killed. u.s. officials say all americans and said the mission are safe. u.s. ambassador chris stevens were premeditated or part of a mass protests over the entire muslim film. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says the ad that appears to be a spontaneous demonstration that extremists took over. the as president says it was a well- planned attack. >>> -t was clear that there were extremist elements that jordan escalated of violence. whether they were affiliate's based instrume
on auto exports, china fires back on unfair trade practices by the u.s. from stocks to oil and gold prices, we get the outlook for what to expect between now and the end of the year. and a birthday for "occupy wall street". while protests and arrests mark the movement's first anniversary, a look at what it's accomplished. that and more tonight on "n.b.r."! trade tensions between the united states and china are heating up again. this morning, the two countries challenged each other in the world trade organization. the u.s. is accusing china of illegally subsidizing auto and auto parts exports, and hurting u.s. made goods. and china claims trade laws here, open the door for illegal tariffs on a wide range of chinese products. sylvia hall breaks down what's behind the latest flareup. >> reporter: here in the u.s., the auto and auto parts industries employ about 800,000 american workers. the government says those workers are hurt by the money china gives to subsidize its own auto industry. and in ohio, a key swing state fueled by cars, president obama promised a crack down: >> these are subsid
skies temperatures in the 50s. expect low 60s along the coast. with low mid '80s for the warmest east bay valleys. there are delays on arrivals 69 minutes that s f o. beechwood elementary is finally reopening. >> good morning, this is in menlo park. students should be arriving soon. even on the midst of a fire the car providing emergency contact numbers. before the principal went into the building he spoke of what possibly could be needed. and none the less, they are going to make it to work. at one point the fire department had to shoot water from above. they did not want the roof collapsing on top of the firefighters. that is for the portable classrooms used to be cured and still, used to be--and now, what are you doing this morning? >> good morning we are finishing up this cleaning with the power wash. with parents coming out on the saturday things getting back to normal. and we moved our third graders into our computer lab. they are going to be ready to go. with a decent classroom and we are going to be here. as the children arrive. school is open and they are ready to go. >> the
refused to cooperate and that's when officers say they opened fire. >> the s.w.a.t. team was called in and when they were out, along with our patrol officers, the offender crawled out of the home and gave himself up in the front yard. >> authorities said he was conscious and speaking before taken to the hospital. they took him to a shelter in place before they arrived and that order was lifted just before 10:00 this morning. >>> today is the first day of the occupied movement and there are plans to mark the occasion. tara moriarty joins us hive from san francisco to let us know if there is still a lot of energy behind this effort. >> protesters have not lost their fighting spirit. >> reporter: we are here from front of the veteran's war memorial and in a few moments we will hear from those who are afraid of losing their homes. schools, clothing these are all issues demonstrators will fight for until they see change. the financeers have completely ruined it for the american people and because we don't have billions of dollars to contribute to campaigns, our voices are not heard. >> r
comunicaran quien será la estr l estrelestr estreella salvada, los juevce s este están listos, bianbianca, te e a escuchamos. >> el jurado de m"mira quien b i baila" ha decidido que la est l estrelestrella salvada de la n o nominacinomina nominación en esta segunda gala es: sammy ap(aplausos() sammy está salvado de stesta n i nominación así es, sasammy ya se salvo es que justamente, aunque la p o producc producción haya decidido salha bailar a marmaría antonietantoo chilindirichilindrina. >> será mamaría antonietantonie represente a mvalentivalentina. >> así es, llamen al fonoteléf que aparece en pantalla si pr i prefiero a maría antonieantoni a llamen al 188669186802, sesta i lin línea es gratis. >> también los usuarios de no (nombre en inglés( pudeden vota por mensajes de textos con la a palabra voto, envieíen por val i valentivalentina 8801 y soni e debe ser valentivalentina, enío al 8802 tienen 24 horas para mandar mjensajes. >> ya tenemos a las dos estr estrellas nominadas de esta no noche, y ahora dependen de sus v votos, ¿quién será el ganador? así que a te
when i was out. it was cool. >>> it cooled down quickly. got into the 70s early afternoon and then right back into the 60s late afternoon and chilling out overnight. this morning, it's down to just near 50 degrees under a clear sky. we do have some rain beginning to head our way. it's way down in the tennessee valley and kentucky and farther south of there. but out ahead of that, it is only near 50 degrees in prince george's county, arlington, fairfax county. gaithersburg is only 48 in montgomery county. rockville at 53. right now near 60 right at reagan national. much of the district of columbia ya, just in the mid-50s now. right near the chesapeake bay, at 60 degrees. only 48 at dulles. manassas and warrenton. leesburg at a chilly 52 degrees. weather watchers reporting a mostly clear sky. we can see the autumn constellations. by 6:00 a.m., only around 50 degrees with a clear sky and a lot of sun the rest of the morning and through noontime and into the mid-70s. then upper 70s by midafternoon with increasing clouds. sunrise 6:52. sunset at 7:12. by then, we'll be all clou
. investigators spent much of the day searching for includes. the police say the man is in his 50s. >> alan: in the east bay texas there was standoff in newark. a man had a pregnant woman bare cied -- barricaded in a room with him for hours. reporter: for five hours, this motel 6 was basically shut down and three s.w.a.t. teams were called insuring but a police negotiator convinced their suspect to come out with his hands up. >>> this standoff end with the suspect coming out with his hand up. with him, his girlfriend who was unarmed. the police say this instance extent started after california highway patrol rap a license plate of a car and connected the car to suspect. >> we're not giving his name at this time. involved in some sort of the use of the vehicle in a pursuit and possibly using the vehicle to endanger the community and/or an officer. >> several family members showed up at the motel and were able to talk to the suspect as he sat in the bam of a patrol car. his good morning told me his name is eric and they encouraged if to give up peacefully. >> my threats he made or suspicion h
. mom and baby seem to be doing fine. news 4's megan mcgrath at the national zoo with more on this exciting news. megan? >> reporter: very exciting news. it's been described as a glorious surprise. mei xiang has given birth to a cub overnight. she's had five pseudopregnancies, a lot of false alarms. there was an ultrasound two weeks ago that didn't show anything, no fetus. there were people who thought, well, maybe this is another one of those false alarms. a little before 11:00 last night, they heard the sounds of a cub. i'm joined by dr. brandi smith, senior curator here. talk about that. you heard the sounds. a bit of a surprise. >> it was. we're prepared for anything. so we have volunteers in the n panda house 24 hours a day. we heard the first squeals of a panda cub. we had to watch for a little while to make sure we could believe it, and we have a cub. >> reporter: talk about mei xiang. she's built quite a house, quite a den in the panda house. >> all of you looking at the panda cam will notice this panda in the midst of this huge bamboo nest. she's being a great mo
-budget anti-muslim film produced in the u.s. hezbollah leader made a rear public appearance in beirut this morning denouncing the film. he called the protest in beirut saying the u.s. must be held accountable for that film. in kabul, the series of anti-american protests are breaking out. hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police and set fire to two cars. they set fire to a compound. in pakistan, two people were killed during anti-american protests there yesterday. demonstrators throughout the middle east and northern africa are angry over the film which was produced in the u.s. and uploaded on youtube. there was unrest after a rumor it would be played on u.s. television. >>> the rise in the anti-american violence has prompted the u.s. government to pull citizens out of the areas. last tuesday, u.s. ambassador and bay area native, chris stevens was killed with three others during the attack on the embassy in libya. arrests have been made linked to the attacks. >>> the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le is in court today. the hearing is set to begin one year to the
across the middle east. anti-american protests erupting as the u.s. clears out our personnel in some nation and issues travel warnings for others. we're live on the ground with the latest. back at home two men who want to be your next president repeg focusing their campaigns after a week of foreign policy. the economy is again front and center. who benefits more? a fair and balanced debate. >>> the royal family fires back over topless photos of a future queen. the legal action buckingham palace is taking today in the face after growing scandal. those stories and breaking news all "happening now.". >> fox news alert. the anti-american protests are now entering a second week all across the middle east, north africa and even beyond europe too. there has been a real weekend of deadly violence to tell you about. i'm jamie colby. i'm in for jenna lee. jon: thank you, jamie. thanks for coming in. also in lebanon the state department issuing a new travel warning for u.s. citizens this morning after hezbollah called for new protests there. in indonesia, protesters attacking police in jakarta
penalty if convicted. >>> s.w.a.t. teams from newark and union city helped the chp with an arrest this morning. police say they were called to the motel six on mawry avenue. that's where police were serving a warrant for a man. when the man refused to surrender the s.w.a.t. team was called in. he was wanted for a violent crime. >>> police in hayward are hoping the public can help identify a man who was killed early this morning. officers were called to whipman street at sicamore street. that's where they found the victim with a head injury. it appears the man was looking for some place to live. >> we have some idea that he may have been trying to accomplish residency in the area. we know that he used to live in the area prior to this incident and was currently trying to accomplish residency in the area once again -- establish residency in the area once again. >> they say the victim was in his 50s or 60s. >>> the alameda county sheriff's office is investigateing the fatal shooting of a man early this morning. officers say gunfire broke out just after mid-night in an apartment compl
in the attack that kill kd the u.s. ambassador and three members of his team. at the same time there are diverging views on who is responsible for the attack. anna werner begins our coverage from washington. >> reporter: in the five days since ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in libya, violent protests against the u.s. have reached more than 50 cities. clashes with security forces outside the u.s. consulate in karachi, pakistan, today, left at least one protestor dead and eight others injured. this weekend the u.s. was busy evacuating nonessential personnel from sudan and tunisia, urging american citizens to get out. today on "face the nation" libyan president mohammed el magariaf said he believes last week's deadly attack in benghazi was premeditated. >> the way the perpetrators acted, moved, this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> reporter: but u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice disagrees telling bob schieffer that it was a spontaneous protest hijacked by well armed extremists. >> i think it's clear that there
is on film are intensifying in parts of the middle east. violent demonstrations outside of u.s. military bases in afghanistan are becoming more frequent. danielle nottingham shows us the destruction in the country's capital. >> afghan authorities raised through the streets out to stop a violent demonstration. hundreds of protestors set several fires near u.s. military base on the outskirts of town, afghan police were able to break up the crowd and firefighters put out the flames. but authorities believe that there could be more violence over the movie made in america, that ridicules the prophet mohammed. more than two dozen countries have seen anti-american protests over this movie. but the situation in afghanistan is fragile, after more deadly attacks against u.s. and nato forces. over the weekend for americans were killed when an afghan police officer pulled his weapon and started firing. already this year 51 international service members have been killed in these types of attacks. 15 in august alone. u.s. officials say that they are stepping up security to protect americans in afghani
. >>> there is disagreement between the u.s. ambassador to the united nation and libya as president over how the attack killed four americans and in gauzy began to investigators or bit of anti-american protests are still spreading for up the muslim world. >>> demonstrators burned american flags. and threw rocks at police outside the u.s. consulate in pakistan. the clashes erupted on sunday when hundreds of people broke through a barrier near the complex. officials say the u.s. stepped inside is safe. but as one protester is dead and several others are injured good protest against an anti is a movie produced in america exploded this what past week. a ambassador chris stevens had three other americans died in and also in libya. on face the nation u.s. ambassador to the admission said that evidence shows the attack began as a spontaneous protests. >>> it's clear the worst extremist elements that the joint and escalated the violence. >>> a libyan president disagrees and believes it was premeditated. >>> the with the perpetrators acted moved and chose a specific date with this so-called demonstration this leaves u
candidates are back on the trail on monday in battleground states. by jonathan alan from politico. s has theleague ha story. abela adsers to mitt romney being frustrated with -- about advisers to mitt romney .eing frustrated >> he has done what? >> for instance, he had a signed the a person to write for the mitteech romney. -- he wrote it himself with somebody else at the last minute. though,is interesting, are of the republicans blame on mitt romney himself. >> he is ultimately responsible for what ever happens. he has that same position on his campaign. things obamathe said in 2008. >> most recently, the way he has everything in libya, egypt. republicans are saying that he stumbled. >> there is always a danger in criticizing us sitting president policy.gn you look like you're undermining .he president way, it is a position we have seen in the past. that has been a strategy. the long bear this goes on in north africa and across the the longer you have the worseoing on, is for barack obama. if all that comes down quickly, romney, it will be a problem for him. >> thank you for your insigh
through a e.rricad one protester was killed in the attack. the u.s. ambassador to the nations says there's no last week's deadly inault on the u.s. consulate s premeditated. the interim president of libya ,aid the attack was planned that the date of september 11 had been targeted. >> prince harry may have been the target of an attack on a naval base in afghanistan. they say it was aimed at the third in line to the british .hrone he was quickly taken to safety. the attack destroyed several jets, refueling stations, and more. >> lawyers say the british royal will make a craig moe complaint today against the make allher wh complaint against the the nude er who took pictures of prince william's wife. the'french will releaseays it 26 pages of photographs today. >> president obama is on the today with stops cincinnati and columbus, .hio the president is expected to chinese subsidies for automobiles and automobile parts. after romney accused obama of being easy on china and jobs go to that country. the was a small plane crashed at the airport in pueblo, colorado. not wantcampaign did to interfe
u.s. soldiers killed on an american base in afghanistan and new vial enprotests at the u.s. consulate in pakistan and nearby the u.s. embassy in kabul. >>> scout dishonor. one of america's most trusted institutions accused of covering up sexual abuse. we're talking about the boy scouts of america. >>> and not good enough. despite a tentative contract deal, chicago teachers are still on strike. so what is the holdup? we're going to go there live to find that out. good morning to you. welcome to "early start." look who's back with me this morning, john berman. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> it's been a long time since we've been together. >> it has. >> a lot of the chicago parents will be surprised when they wake up this morning. >> i think they knew last night. they were hoping they would make the decision last night. sure enough, the kids are out of school again. >> we have a lot of news. happening right now in afghanistan, the crowd has turn. protests became angry and vial enoutside the u.s. and nato bases in kabul. an afghan police official says at least 15 officers were hurt a
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